Bubble Soccer Youth And Teen Events

Entertainment Worthy Of Your Money

If We charged By The Laugh, We'd Be Rich. 

PLAY ALL YEAR 'ROUND...We have a partnered indoor facility for easy booking. Alternatively use a school/community center gym or indoor soccer facility near you.

Super Convenient

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- We Provide A Venue, No Booking Required.

- We Come directly To You

- Event Coordinators Included, Let us Take The Reigns

- We Bring Everything You Need, Not Just The Bubble Suits

Outrageously Fun

Youth Birthday Party Idea

- Alternative Games To keep It Fresh (not just soccer)

- All intensity and skill levels

- Where else can your kid knock their best friend, sibling, or parents to the ground?

How Fun Does This Look? 

Just Show Your Kids. They'll Tell You.

We Think They'll Love It, These Folks Did.

Verified Reviews... and there's more where these came from, many.

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Bubble Soccer Goes With Everything

It's the ranch dressing of youth entertainment.


- Birthday Parties. Show your kid that parents can be cool too.

- Sports Teams. Replace a practice and start or end the season on a high note. Team building 101.

- School Events. Dances, lock-ins, fundraisers. Your Absence/Tardy tracker will be twiddling their thumbs.

- Church Functions. Youth Group ice breakers. If this doesn't get them talking you're out of luck.

The Extra Mile, That's The Bubble Soccer Minnesota Way

We like that concept, so we thought we'd offer it to you.

- Experienced hosts. Hundreds of events and thousands of participants.

- Dozens of 5-Star Reviews. This many people can't be wrong, can they?

- We Give You More. Sure you get everything you need to play, but we also bring extras like water, extra ball options, and music.

- We're Creative. New Games all the time. Soccer is fun, but this is a party people, let's keep it interesting!

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