A Minnesota Birthday Party Idea Worthy Of Your $$$.

Break the mold on typical birthday celebrations

Kids Birthday Party Idea Minnesota
Kids Birthday Party Idea
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Adult Birthday Party Ideas MN

A Unique Birthday Party Idea With No Hassels.

Want your birthday party or the person you are planning it for to have a memorable experience? Then Bubble Soccer/Bubble Ball is the right choice. We not only provide everything you'd need to turn a unique birthday party idea into a successful event, but we make it nearly hassle free by bringing all the equipment directly to you at a venue of your choosing. Additionally, we set everything up, provide a host to walk you through safety, explain game options, and referee the games. Of course we also take everything down, clean, and then haul it all away for you as well.

This Unique Birthday Party Idea is for All Ages and for Both Girls and Boys Alike.

Don't Believe me? Check Out how much fun a few of the birthday's we've hosted in the past were for those in the videos below.  The videos below also demonstrate a few of the alternative games we play when soccer alone gets stale and we need to mix things up. If you'd like to watch more, check out our Facebook Page or our videos page.


Unique Birthday Party Ideas Aren't Free, But This One Is A Great Value!

Cost Per person can go below $20 if you have a larger group and are splitting up fees individuallly. Otherwise the entry point is $250 for a 1-hour 10 suit rental. To get the price down, you can always do a combined birthday with a neighbor kid or family member and split the cost up between parents.

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The Full Minnesota Birthday Party Ideas List.


In this generation of social media where every person, friend, and parent is sharing their lives via Instagram and Facebook, the pressure is always on to be a bit more extravagant for any and all big life events. Whether it’s announcing a pregnancy or birth, celebrating an anniversary, and even sharing a big move, millennials are constantly sharing photos of celebrations for the world to see.  Why should celebrating a birthday be any less than memorable and worthy of a ‘like’ on Facebook? For Minnesotans, the options for birthday celebrations are nearly endless, so every child and adult alike can celebrate in style and have the best photos to share with the world.

Minnesota Children's Birthday Party Ideas

Children’s birthday parties always tend to be creative, have a theme, and consist of pizza, cupcakes, and lots of DIY crafts. But this creativeness can leave the four walls of your home and travel with you nearly anywhere. Minnesota is littered with establishments that could easily host an unforgettable birthday party for kids of all ages, big and small.

Consider your budget and your guest list, and get to planning!


1. Bubble Soccer will wear the children out. These can be brought almost anywhere for fun, and a major plus side is that Bubble Soccer Rentals will bring coordinators to help set up, take down, facilitate, and go over safety rules. What could be more convenient than this? If you don’t have a place in mind to take this party, Bubble Soccer will help get you one, too! Keep your budget in mind as the party packages include a price for 10 suits, and extra suits will add to your price.


2. On a budget? Take your group to the park! Park parties allow for so many options of fun. Just bring some food and drinks, sing happy birthday, open gifts, and let the kids play on the playground for a while. You can even be a bit more adventurous and make it a bike party by having your friends bring their bicycles to ride. Consider that parks are public places, so unless there is a specific area you can reserve for your party, you may have extra kiddos running around trying to sneak in on your fun.


3. Renting carnival game equipment is always a fun option, too! You can also take these games nearly anywhere for fun. Who doesn’t love a sumo suit wrestling match, dunk tank, and horseshoes? Consider that rentals may be pricey and you may need a variety of games, so if you’re on a tight budget, avoid going overboard on your choices.


4. With laser tag, bowling, and the arcade, children could be entertained for hours while they get competitive in any of these activities. Most places allow outside food to be brought in so the party does not have to be without pizza and cake, and even better, they may even offer a service to have it catered by them if outside food isn’t allowed to be brought in. These facilities are public places so there may be crowds, but your party is private!


5. Is there a new kid-friendly movie out that is all the rage? Buy some movie tickets for a group of friends, grab some popcorn, drinks, and candy, and let the kids be entranced by the big screen before heading out for pizza and cake afterwards! Parents should consider the fact that children may not be able to stay quiet and calm for the entirety of a movie if giving this option a serious thought.


6. Trampoline and jump parks have become very popular in this generation, and they’re a great way for kid’s to get their energy out all while participating in fun activities like basketball, dodgeball, rope swings, and more. Consider the danger of having a group of kids bounce around this kind of place, though, as trampolines tend to be a leading cause of accidents.


7. If it is summertime and the weather is fine, a pool party could be the way to go. Whether you have a pool in your own backyard or your community has a public pool, this is another cheap option for a party. Provide the food and singing, and let the kids splash away in the water. Consider having extra adults on sight or hire a lifeguard or two if you plan to use a private pool to better ensure all kids have adult eyes on them at all times.


8. Have a group of creative ones? Organize an art class at an art center where the kids can either paint a canvas, do ceramics, build a birdhouse, or create a craft. This is a good way to keep them entertained for an hour or two, and with sweets on hand, they’re sure to have a great time. This can be a messy one, so think about having kids wear smocks or old clothes to this party.


9. Does your child have a love for cooking and food? Organize a culinary class to let the kids try their hand in the kitchen and then appreciate their hard work by enjoying their masterpiece. Whether you’re throwing this together in your own kitchen or going to a professional one, the little chef’s will love having their hands in their food. Extra adult supervision should be considered here as kitchens have many opportunities for accidents.


10. If it is winter time, head to the ice skating ring for an hour long skate session before heading inside to warm up and indulge in food and sweets to continue the celebration. Consider the price of skate rentals for kids who don’t own their own, plus admission into the rink!


11. Head to the zoo or farm to feed the animals, learn about life on the farm, and ride the horses! Be sure to talk to the kids about how to act around animals to ensure extra safety during your visit.


12. Spend the afternoon at the water park. Admission may be a bit pricier, so consider taking a small group of your child’s closest friends to help stay within your party budget. Let them play in the water, run around, eat all of the chicken fingers and ice cream they wish, and hopefully they’ll sleep well that night! The larger your group, the more adult supervision you may wish to have on hand. Consider keeping your list of party-goers small so they can easily be watched throughout the day, or have some extra parents come along for the fun to help with supervision.


13. Round up a group of kids and take them to a sporting game. After all, the best food is stadium food, so with the right amount of money, this celebration could take little planning for mom and dad and ensure the kids will have an eventful day.


14. Leaning towards an educational celebration? Head to a science museum where your group could get hands-on with experiments, watch educational videos, and experience science while they celebrate.


Adult Minnesota Birthday Party ideas

Children aren’t the only ones who still like to have birthday parties, you know! Even as an adult, the pressure is still on to celebrate in style. And just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean the fun has to stop and your options become limited.

1. Bubble Soccer can be for adults, too! Again, this party idea can go nearly anywhere for fun and includes coordinators to help set up, take down, facilitate, and review safety rules. Packages are set up for 10 players at a time, but for a bit more money, you can add extra suits so more big kids can get in on the fun.


2. If you like to party and have a good time, renting out a room at a bar or a restaurant is an easy way to celebrate your day. Obviously food and drink is abundant. Just gather a group of your favorite friends and spend your birthday eating brunch, lunch, or dinner while sipping on your favorite cocktails.

3. Split your friends up into teams and have a scavenger hunt through the city that leads to a spot of your choice where the celebration can continue! Although you’d be separate during the hunt, everyone can party together at the final destination. Besides, who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?


4. Looking for a more relaxed route of celebrating? Take a cooking class to sharpen your skills in the kitchen while enjoying yourself with good friends and good food. Not only can you learn a new skill or meal, but you can eat, drink, and socialize all the while.


5. Organize a ‘paint & sip’ class where you follow an instructor to complete a painted canvas while sipping on your favorite beverage and eating some snacks. You can choose the picture you want your group to paint, bring your favorite drinks and snacks, and spend the evening painting, drinking, and laughing with your favorite people.


6. Head to a studio of your choice – yoga or dance – and celebrate while you learn some new moves. Follow up at your favorite lunch or dinner spot, or head to the spa to keep the party going.


7. Did someone say spa day? Spa’s offer an assortment of services that could be appealing for a variety of people of both genders. Whether you love to pamper yourself with a facial, spend your time in the pedicure chair, or relax on the massage table, a day at the spa is a birthday celebration all of your friends could get on board with.


8. Get dirty by organizing a sporting competition for your friends. Flag football in the park followed by beers and a barbeque, or a game of paintball will surely get the guys excited to celebrate. Be sure to plan something that the ladies of the group would look forward to as well!


9. Head to the stadium for a ball game. Although a pricier celebration option, everyone loves a day at the ball park. Load up on hot dogs and beer and cheer on your team with your closest group of friends to celebrate your big day.


Kids of all ages – both big and small – can find a way to celebrate their birthday in style in Minnesota, regardless of your budget. As long as food, drinks, and cake are included, everyone is sure to have a good time as they party their way into another year of life.