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totally knockered
totally knockered

Why Us Over Totally Knockered?

The Bubble Socer MN Difference

- More Than A Dozen Creative Game Variations To Keep You Engaged

- Value Added Freebies

- 4 Knockerball sizes to better match your body to a proper Bubble.

-Add on Items and Accessorial Choices To Mix Things Up

- Complete Packages. Our Rentals Come With Everything You Need, Not Just Knockerball/Bubbles

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Totally Knockered Vs. Bubble Soccer Minnesota...How Our Rentals Work

Totally Knockered May Play Other Games Too, But We Specialize In Creativity.


It's hard for those that have never played before to grasp how important having a plethora of creative games to choose from is, in creating an enjoyable event. It only takes a few minutes for most groups to become bored if all you doing is bumping into each other. Using objectives to stimulate competition immediately takes your celebration to another level of fun.


While Totally Knockered may also play different games, we are confident that we have developed the greatest variety of games available for you to choose from. Though we take pride in the fact we have also developed "game series" based on our customer feedback. The series allow us to play games in certian orders so that we can make them as enjoyable as possible. It's one of those things that is hard to explain, but that you just have to experience.


We have also made efforts to cater to a wide range of ages and sizes all playign together at once as this is sometiems unavaodable in some scernarios. As such each game type emphasizes different skill sets so that different ages, and sizes can have a better chance at winning a given segment.

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