Bubble Soccer Team Building

The Coach and Team Managers Trump Card...Bubble Soccer!

Upgrade any Sports Team Event With Outrageous fun.

Why Bubble Soccer?

Easy Peezy

- No need to go anywhere, we'll come to you

- Everything you need is included

- We set-up and run the event for you.

Exceptionally Fun

- Unique...where else can you do this?

- Belly laughs likely (when was the last time you did that?)

- We keep it fresh with creative games, not just soccer.

Sports Team Building Bubble Soccer Videos

Previous Sports Team Events in Action

What Would We Use Bubble Soccer For?

Replace Practice

- A great way for players to get introduced to eachother

- Send a team to the offseason with a positive memory

- Celebrate a victory or raise spirits after a bad tourney

Tournament Entertainment

- Attract more teams by including us at your tournament

- Provide entertainment for families watching games

- Raise funds for your organization

Sports Team Banquets

- Coaches, Parents and Players all playing together!

- Create a sports season they won't forget with a memorable experience.

How Do We Set Up Our Team-Building Event?

- Decide on how long (in hour or half hour increments), where to play (local park or wherever you practice), the number of suits needed (10 standard), and the time of day you want to play.

- Check with us on availability

- Pay the invoice

- We take care of the rest.

What's The Damage?

Starts at just $250 for 10 suits. Additional fees for more time, and suits

How Do We Get A Hold of You?

Give us a call or use the form below.