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You owe it to yourself to take a look at Bubble Soccer Minnesota, First. Give us a shot and take advantage of our value added standard services as well as these freebies.

Because you were savvy enough to shop around, if you mention this page (TC25)... we'll throw in 2 extra suits, free sports drinks, and $25 off your rental for groups up to 20.


What We Think Sets Us Apart From TC Bubble Soccer.

The Short Version.

Rep./Exp. Matters

- We Have Dozens of 5-star Reviews

- Over 10,000 people served.

- Hosted some of MN's Largest companies (3M, Medtronic, Blue Cross)

Not Just Equipment Rentals

- Event day coordinators are included.

- Creative game options to keep you engaged. Not just 2 games.

- Complete packages, everything needed is included. Plus Extras.

Venue Booking Service

 - Use Our Partnered Indoor Facility

- Or We'll Book a Venue Near You

- Or Play in your backyard/nearby park

Tired of Reading? Here's How Everything Works.

End the tedious task of searching and planning. Reach out to us so we can help you make your celebration fun, the easy way.

We Create An Experience, Not Just A Rental. Our Customers Leave Raving.

Our small business NEEDS repeat and referral business. We believe the only way to obtain this regularly is by over delivering.

Diana H. Says:


"I contacted Caleb to plan for my son's 14th birthday. Caleb was very responsive and explained everything to me. I sent out invitations to the group and getting the waivers signed for the kids was so slick as parents just got online and completed the form, signed it electronically and it was sent directly to Caleb. On the day of the party, Caleb was there and had everything set up before we got there. He explained everything to the boys and then they played bubble soccer with Caleb setting up different challenges and games and the boys had a BLAST! The boys said that Caleb was really great and it wouldn't have been as much fun if he hadn't been so "cool". This is a great activity for anyone looking for something different and fun and physically challenging. I would definitely recommend it for a teen boy's birthday party. They ended the day with smiles on their faces and they were exhausted!"

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my tc sports

"My TC Sports" May Play Other Games, but...

Bubble Soccer Minnesota takes creativity to the next level with more than a dozen games so that you never have to play the same game with the bubble suits more than once. While knocking people down is fun, ultimatley if it's your only goal it can get old quickly. We think this is a critical value added feature and after you choose us and try these games, you will too. You can see some of the games on the video page or read descriptions  of some of the classic ones on our games page.


"Collision Race"


"Sumo Ring"

"Middle Man"

"Big Ball Bubble Soccer"

"Bubble Relay"


Take The First Step Towards Celebrating Differently

We Thank You For Giving Us The Chance To Earn Your Business Over TC Bubble Soccer aka "My TC Sports".