Same Service, Different name.

Knockerball MN and Local Bubble Suit Rental Branding

Knockerball MN is our sister site providing the same Bubble Suit Or Bubble Soccer Rental service. Knockerball is a trademarked name that we have licensed in order to reach customers searching for the same activity that Bubble Soccer Minnesota provides. Knockerball Minnesota, not to be confused with Knockerball MN (our site), is a competitor and is unaffiliated with us.

Differences Between Knockerball MN Suits and Bubble Soccer Suits

The differences come down to what local providers offer their customers in terms of pricing, games played, perripherals included with rentals, and venue usage. These things are not uniform among providers as each operation is independent.


The biggest difference on the whole that you can see for nearly all affiliates, is that Knockerball affiliates will use the Knockerball brand of suit. While anyone can purchase them, typically you see Knockerball affiliates using these branded suits exclusively. They have made modifications to the suits over time to improve upon them.


Below are some photos of the different suits being used at our partnered facility in Eden Prairie. Each revision of the Knockerball MN suits has had changes made, so it's hard to say in generalities the differences. The one thing that has remained consistent is that when comparing equivalent internal diameters bubble suits, Knockerball MN suits have a more elongated egg shape instead of a shperical. This egg shape design in theory improves safety by giving more head clearance to the person in the suit. Meaning there is more actual Knockerball above your head.

Knockerball MN Suits
Bubble Soccer Minnesota Suits

Why Knockerball MN Created A Second Brand

The Sport/ activity of Knockerball or Bubble Soccer is new and as such it is referred to by a number of names. In order to reach more customers searching for the service we provide (under any name), we needed to create a brand that matched what potential customers assumed could only be called one thing.


Unfortunately, the assumption often when someone creates a second brand, that they are hiding something from people with the other. Nothing could be further from the truth. Both this site and Knockerball MN have an excellent reputation, as indicated by our reviews.