Kids Birthday Party Ideas

The Unique Minnesota Party Ideas Your Kid Will Love.

Boy Birthday Ideas

Archery Wars

a.k.a. Archery Tag is a big hit with the boys. Similar to paintball, except you shoot foam tipped arrows at each other with bows. It's clean and has much less impact, so there are no welts. 


The kids wear inflatable suits that get strapped on like a backpack. the Knockerballs allow the them to bump into one another while trying to accomplish different game objectives.

Girl Birthday Ideas

Human Foosball

Take the traditional table top game to the extreme and supersize it! The girls become the pegs in the inflatable human foosball field. Up to 12 players at a time get strapped in so that they are only able to move laterally.

Bubble Soccer

Soccer becomes full contact! Our Bubble Ball rentals provide a cushion of air that'll have your girl party laughing out loud as the knock their friends to the ground pain free.

How These Birthday Ideas For Kids Could Look At Your Party

The best way to see if these options would be a good fit, is to watch them in action in their raw unedited state. Below is a recent indoor youth birthday party in Stillwater, MN. I think the parents are having as much fun watching as the kids are playing...bonus!

What Others Think About Our Kids' Birthday Party Activities

"This was such an awesome activity for a birthday party!! The kids had such a blast, and were tired out when we were done. I haven't heard so many belly laughs in forever! What a great birthday party for active kids! Caleb kept the kids entertained by switching up the games and kept things rolling (literally). What a blast!"

- Kristelle Mendoza

"Bubble Soccer was a BLAST!! Our coaches surprised our team with a bubble soccer session. It was more fun than we could have ever imagined as the Girls could not stop laughing! Caleb led us through a series of games that made everyone a winner and kept us moving and playing the whole time! I can't wait to do this again! If you are thinking about hiring Bubble Soccer for an event or party--DO IT!"

-Summer Sellers

Why Choose The Youth Birthday Party Options We've Suggested?

We're Mobile

- We can bring everything to you

- Everything You Need To Play Is included

- An Event Host Stays On Site.

They Have Mass Appeal

We've hosted kids Birthday's for all boys, all girls, co-ed and a wide range of ages. 10 year old birthday parties, 12 year old birthday parties, you name it, we've done them.

New And Different

Trying Something for the first time has a high likelihood of being  exciting. Something unavoidable about human nature in that regard, why fight it!


No More Searching For Kids Birthday Party Places...

You Can Play With Our Equipment Anywhere.

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Whether it be a Community Center or your local school. These are easy to book and often very close by.


You don't event need a field. Any open green space roghly 40ft.x80ft. will do. This is often the cheapest route, but weather doesn't always coorperate.

birthday lander1
kids birthday party idea

Indoor Turf

We have an indoor turf facility for winter that we can book for you. So if you are willing to travel or happen to live near Eden Praire, you're in luck.

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