Inflatable Human Foosball Rental

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Human Foosball Rental - How Does It Work.

Simple really, just reach out to us to ask about availability, and pay your deposit. We deliver the human foosball inflatable directly to you, set it all up and even stick around to help keep the ball in play. When your time is up, we take it down and haul it away. Most companies don't stay on site, so the inflatable sits around before and after your rental. This makes it hard if you only have a park space or gym for a limited amount of time. That's why we rent differently.

Why Rent An Inflatable Foosball Field For My Event?

- Appeals to a wide range of skill and intensity levels

-Small form factor and portability make it easy to put anywhere.

- Something inherently fun about doing new and different things


Human Foosball Video - Watch Our Rentals In Action

Youth Giant Foosball Video

Adult Giant Foosball Video

Human Foosball Rental Price

We price differently than other providers and are often less expensive. Our rentals start at $400 for up to 3 hours, but offer discounts when done in conjunction with Bubble Soccer or one of our other party rentals. If you find it for less, we'd like the opportunity to match and beat them.

It's Time To Get Your Foosball On.

Aferall, it's not a real party until a life size foosball rental in on scene.

Human Foosball Inflatable Vs. Human Foosball Court 

Inflatable versions of this hilarious game are portable and easy to set-up and tear down. They can also be easier on the playing surface as playing on the same area over and over can ruin it, especially grass. The courts or homemade versions are generally easier to keep the ball in and can be made at home relatively inexpensively. However, if you don't plan to use a homemade court version regularly...renting an inflatable version is still cheaper and much more convenient.

Human Foosball Dimensions - How Much Space Do We Need?

Each version whether it be a a rent-able foosball inflatable or one you make at home vary in size. The bigger they are, the more players you can stuff in at once. Bubble Soccer Minnesota's human foosball rentals come in a 6-12 player version and it takes up approximately 30ft. wide by 40ft long. It's best if you give a little buffer to those dimensions as well. Just as a frame of reference, if you want to play human foosball indoors, an elementary size gym is 40ft.x80ft, so it can fit without a problem. You'd even be able to fit another party rental option on the same gym in this case.