We Make Finding A Venue Easy

One of the biggest obstacles to having a bubble soccer event is finding a suitable venue. We want to take the headache out of finding a bubble soccer venue by providing you direct assistance in booking a facility. While we don't do the final booking for you, we will assist you in every step leading up to that point. However, If you prefer to do it yourself, the following advice and resources will aide you.


Winter Bubble Soccer Venue Considerations

The first thing to ask yourself is "Have I thought about all of the possible places to play?" It seems like a no brainer, but it's easy to get fixated and then just give up when you can't find one of the type you were looking for. The following are the most likely winter options available.

School Gyms

City/County Community Centers

Health Clubs

Indoor Soccer Facilities

Winter Peak Times Are Slim Pickings.

If you do want to play at peak times then you must BOOK EARLY! The evenings and weekends are almost always booked AT LEAST a month in advance during the winter months. Chances are you know when bachelor parties and birthdays are going to happen months in advance, so the first thing you should do is reserve a space. If you find yourself needing a last minute booking, healthclubs are often the best bet because most people wouldn't assume they will rent space out for something like this.

Booking Rules?...More like Suggestions

Several of the indoor soccer complexes have special requirements in order to get a reservation (memberships or be an organization). However, I want to encourage you to contact facilities directly if you feel a venue is convenient even if you don't think you meet the criteria. These facilities make their money by having people fill the space, so if there is availability on the calendar they will often make exceptions. Don't be scared off by memberships or even posted pricing, especially if you are willing to use the space at odd hours.


A Note On School Gyms

Many Districts have "class polices" for booking gym rental space.  This means that they give priority booking and pricing to various definitions of non-district use groups. As an example, Farmington Public Schools Policies' are pretty typical. Since Bubble Soccer Minnesota does not directly book the venues ourselves, many of the district policies on how these events should be classified enter a grey area. My advice is to just be honest and tell them what you are planning to use the space for  i.e. "We are a group of local district residents who want to book a birthday party and we are bringing all of our own equipment; We just need the gym space."


Some districts will default to putting you in the least favorable category and highest price category if you mention a business is bringing the equipment you plan to use whether that follows the actual wording in their policy or not. Whether you mention this to them or not I will leave at your discretion.

Have you tried to find a place and had no success, contact us.


Summer Bubble Soccer Venue Considerations

Summer Venue Options:

Outdoor Soccer fields

All of the "winter"options

Large Backyards

Indoors Still Makes Sense

While everyone tries to make the most of the outdoors when the weather is nice it is not a prerequisite to play outside. While many don't consider indoor facilities in the summer, keep in mind they are climate controlled, you don't have to worry about storms/rain, and you stay cleaner if you plan on taking the party elsewhere after. Indoor soccer facilities are much cheaper in the summer and some will negotiate down further for the same reason a hotel would reduce their off-peak prices. Lastly, outdoor soccer fields are the ideal set-up because they are generally free or very inexpensive yet offer the most realistic experience.

Indoor Bubble Soccer Venue Map

Below you'll find indoor soccer facilities, some basic pricing and a link to their facility rental page. We don't have Health clubs, school gyms, outdoor fields, or community centers on this map yet. If none of these facilities suit you, start local with the types not yet included and then expand outwards.

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Already found a bubble soccer venue and ready to book? Or are you ready to let us find one for you? Contact us.