Elektric Slide Inflatable Rental

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Unique Inflatables Make For Exciting Events

Why settle for standard when you can stimulate your guests' sense of adventure with something new! Our Elektric Slide unit combines competition, slides, and an electronic scoring system in one oh so fun package. Games are quick so it can be great for small or large group functions.

Two players square off in a race to score the most points.  Each player runs up the ramp to hit their assigned color electronic sensor that lights up in a random place and then slide back down to complete the loop. You continue the loop up and down the ramp and slide until time expires (watch video).

Price: $500 for up to 3 hours,  or $700  for all day

Set up Area:  30ft x 25ft and 1 electrical outlet or generator rental ($50)

Elektric Slide Demo Video