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A Minnesota Bachelor Party Idea Worthy Of Your Group. Let Us Prove it.

Did We Mention We Had More Bachelorette Parties Than Bachelor Parties Last Year?


- We come to you or use our partnered facility

- Everything you need to play is included

- A pleasant, energetic host is provided to do all the hard work for you

Something Different

- Insanely Fun

- Many games to emphaize different skill sets

- Makes for great video for the wedding and down the line

- Whole family can play or just "the boys"

- Make it Co-ed!

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A Twin Cities Bachelor/ette Party Idea Bargain

Did you get sticker shock when you saw the total cost? You're looking at it all wrong...

- Large groups can get costs down under $20/person

- Invite the Bachelorettes along and split the costs up further

- Have you totaled up how much dinner and drinks costs each person? This is cheaper entertainment.

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There Are Many Bachelor Party Ideas For The Minneapolis Area, But Bubble Soccer Takes The Cake!

Sure, you could do the ole' strip club, go bowling, play paintball, bar hop,  stay home and play games, or take a party bus...BUT SO IS EVERYONE ELSE. Do something unique and different for your party. Show the bachelorette you found a way to have fun without making her jealous, heck do a joint bachelor/bachelorette party featuring Bubble Soccer! We do as many Bachelorette events as we do Bachelor parties, so why not combine your resources and make it dirt cheap per person by splitting the costs among more people.


What Makes Us The Best Choice To Host Your Bachelor Party ?

When you hire Bubble Soccer Minnesota, you don't get just Soccer, we play a myriad of games to keep it fresh and help even the playing field among all skill levels. We've hosted countless events and our experience gives us the edge over our competition when it comes to creating a great Bachelor and Bachelorette experience.


While the suits are inevitably fun, inexperienced hosts can waste your play time and ruin your event with inefficient set-up, poor equipment, unsanitary suits, unfriendly/disorganized event hosts, and poor game flow/time management of the games themselves. Hosting events may seem simple, but ironing out the common complications only comes with experience. It's true there may be other companies that have booked more events, but they often hire seasonal temporary staff, while we keep our business small and lean so that those with a vested interest in the company are also hosting the events.


Everything You'd Need to Play Is Included In Our Bachelor Party Rentals...And Then Some

Bubble Soccer Minnesota has simple and straight forward pricing with no hidden costs as everything you would need to play is included in our listed prices.  We don't stop there as we'll help make planning and having the event as hassle free as possible by helping you find a suitable venue. We also set-up and take down the equipment, educate you on bubble suit safety, make sure the equipment is clean, and provide extra creature comforts to make sure you enjoy the event (a 5 gallon water jugg, towels, music, a mister etc...).

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