Archery Wars MN

What Is Combat Archery?

Archery Wars MN (aka Archery Tag) is a relatively new and engaging group entertainment game in which two teams compete to eliminate each other with foam tipped arrows and specialty bows limited to low velocities.


There are several game types (as demonstrated below) to keep things interesting, while still keeping safety in mind. It's a great alternative to paintball as it has similar gameplay, but doesn't result in the pain and welts.

Archery Tag MN Is For Everyone

We'll show people that have never even shot a bow before how to play in very short order. I myself am a novice and picked it up very easily after a few "test shots". We also have a handful of the low draw weight bows for the young bucks that don't require much strength to pull back on.

Archery Wars MN Field Set-Up

archery tag mn diagram

Archery Tag MN Player Perspective Video

Combat Archery Equipment Rentals - How It Works!

Just like our Bubble Soccer rentals, our Archery Tag rentals are brought directly to you and include everything you need to play. We include a game coordinator that will set it all up for you, teach people how to shoot, go over safety, lead everyone through games and haul it all away.


Archery Tag MN GameplayVideo

Archery Tag MN Pricing

- A 10 bow package starts at $250 + $25 set-up/travel fee in the Minneapolis metro.

- Every Additional 1/2 hour is $75.

- A $1.00/mile travel/set-up fee applies for events outside the Twin Cities metro.

Booking An Archery Tag MN Event:

1. Call to discuss availability for a date and time.

2. Decide if you want to book the venue or if you want us to.

3. Finalize event details such as number of bows you need, date, time, and location.

4. Pay your deposit.

Bring Archery Tag To Your MN Celebration, Contact Us.