Adult Birthday Party Ideas

When You Get Tired Of Celebrating The Same Way...

adult birthday party ideas minneapolis
adult birthday party ideas minneapolis

We've Got The Birthday Party Ideas For Adults You Have To Try!

It's time to break out of your shell for this year's B'day! There's no better way to do this than trying something new. Bubble Soccer Minnesota's unique birthday party ideas instantly and easily add the excitement your event needs. We can't help ourselves and neither will you, there's something inherently fun about doing new things for the first time.

Don't Take Our Word for it though...

Super fun to play! Also super easy to plan and schedule a time. Caleb came early to set up the bubbles and soccer nets and stayed after our time to take down. He had different ways to play and rotated our group in and out of the bubbles quickly. I'd recommend this to anyone and would do this again.

- Matt Nelson

Fun fun fun! We held a 3 on 3 on-ice knockerball tournament for our hockey fundraiser and it was an absolute hit! Caleb was prompt with his communications, professional, and fun to work with at the event. I have never seen so many grown adults laugh so hard. Highly recommend---we will be calling again for sure!

- Crystal Madsen

Our Top Adult Birthday Party Rentals

 - Bubble Soccer

- Human Foosball

- Archery Tag

- Foot Darts

MN Birthday Parties The Easy Way

- We're Mobile, Everything Comes To You.

 - We Offer To Provide A Venue.

- Include An On-site Game Coordinator.

Our Ideas Entertain These Common Adult Birthday Parties

- 21st birthday Parties

- 25th Birthday Parties

- 30th Birthday parties

- 40th Birthday parties

Our Adult Birthday Party Ideas On Video

Bubble Soccer

Human Foosball

Our Top Adult Birthday Party Ideas Explained

Bubble Soccer - Wear inflatable suits and knock your friends and family to the ground while playing a myriad of creative game variations and objectives.


Human Foosball - A 30x40ft. Inflatable soccer field in which people are strapped in just like the pegs on the table top version. Movement is restricted to only laterally as you kick a foam ball and try to score on your opponents.


Archery Tag MN - Shoot foam tipped arrows at your opponents. Very similar to paintball, but without the mess or welts. It's much easier to find a place a play this way too as you can get away with it in parks unlike paintball.


Foot Darts - A giant 14' tall velcro dart board in which several varieties of objects are used to shoot at it. For this party rental, we currently carry velcro soccer balls to kick, and golf mat/club to chip tennis balls into it. High score wins!


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