Twin Cities Bubble Soccer Rentals

Bubble Soccer Minnesota wants to turn your event upside down with side splitting fun! We'll bring the exciting activity of Bubble Soccer (aka Knockerball) to a venue near you indoor or out and anywhere in Minnesota. The bubble balls make having a great experience inevitable, but Bubble Soccer Minnesota goes the extra mile with fun game and ball choices,  and the safest equipment.

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New!! We Offer Two Ways To Reserve Venues

Option 1: You Book/Provide The Venue

- Less expensive

- Use your yard 40ft.x80ft approximately

- Reserve a park near you (fields or just open green space)

- Book a gym or indoor Soccer facility

Option 2: We Book/Reserve A Venue

- Less Hassle

- More Expensive, but not by much since we include venue fees.

- Knowledgeable on what makes a good park site

What Is Bubble Soccer?

It's full contact Soccer! A wearable inflatable suit provides a barrier between you and your opponent that allows you to safely contact each other in pursuit of victory. It goes by many names including Bubble Ball, Bubble Football, and Loopeyball. There are endless variations of rules and games to keep the event fresh and make your experience more fun than you could have imagined.

What Bubble Soccer Minnesota Does

Bubble Soccer Minnesota brings all the equipment you would need to play Bubble Soccer (equipment details) directly to a suitable venue near you. We also host the games/events by leading you through alternative game choices, and explaining bubble suit safety. Additionally, we act as the referee, fulfill your music mixing/DJ requests, and lend a helping hand to take those photos you'll be sharing. Lastly, you won't have to lift a finger setting-up, taking down, or cleaning the equipment as this is not your typical party equipment rental service.

One thing we can't do is book a venue for you. While we are knowledgeable on possible playing locations and we'll help you find one if you contact us, ultimately it is up to you to secure the site. Finding a venue is easy as local parks in the warm weather months and school gyms in the winter are widely available.


Bubble Soccer Minnesota Pricing

Rental details Page

1 hr. Rentals with up to 10 suits: $250

1.5 hr. Rentals with up to 10 suits: $300

2 hr. Rentals with up to 10 suits: $350

2.5 hr. Rentals with up to 10 suits: $400

3 hr.Rentals with up to 10 suits: $450

Each Additional Hour of Bubble Soccer is just $100/hr

Not Just for Bubble Soccer!

Bubble Ball Games

  • Traditional Bubble Soccer
  • indoor or outdoor
  • Waterslides
  • Last Bubble Ball Standing
  • Middle Man
  • V.I.P. (very important person)
  • Sumo Ring
  • Bubble Ball Bowling
  • 500
Make Events Memorable!

About us

  • Birthdays
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette
  • Graduations
  • Company/Corporate team building
  • Family reunions
  • Fundraisers
  • School lock-ins
  • Fraternity/sorortity
  • Church youth groups

Bubble Soccer Minnesota Is A 5-Star Reviewed Entertainment Provider

We strive to make every event a great experience and we deliver. Just look what our customers have had to say about us! More reviews can be seen on our sister site Knockerball MN.


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